A Collection of Papers Presented at
the 33rd Annual Meeting of the
Canadian Archaeological Association

A Joint Publication of the Canadian Archaeological Association and
the Ontario Archaeological Society
September 2001

The organization of the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Archaeological Association in May of 2000 depended heavily upon the use of email and the Internet.  In this way, several hundreds of dollars were saved and communications took place very effectively.  The conference was well attended and over 160 papers were presented in four concurrent seesions.

The year 2000 marked the 50th anniversary of the founding of the Ontario Archaeological Society.  To commemorate this milestone, the Canadian Archaeological Association and the Ontario Archaeological Society decided to collaborate in the production of a proceedings volume which would be published electronically, thereby assuring the broadest readership possible from around the world of the various articles that would eventually be submitted.

The editorial team consisted of Jean-Luc Pilon, CAA Web Editor, Michael Kirby who had previously served the OAS as Arch Notes editor for several years and the OAS director of publications, Caroline Thériault.  Together they assembled, reviewed and formatted 26 of the papers presented during the Ottawa 2000 CAA meetings. Luke Dalla Bona, the CAA's Webmaster then converted these papers to the current PDF versions.

This collection of papers cover a wide breadth of archaeological inquiry, ranging from public archaeology through archaeo-astronomy, archaeometry, archaeoentomology, historic and prehistoric archaeology, ceramic studies, archaeological politics and policies and physical anthropology.  The PDF format allowed the incorporation of many of the colour illustrations originally used during the conference presentations with relatively little compromize in quality.

While there was a learning curve for the editors in terms of producing these articles in Internet-friendly formats, the publication still took less than 16 months to produce following the end of the conference and would have been out within a year had technical glitches not arose.

Select from the following downloadable PDF files:

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Table of Contents

Robert Mayer and Jean-Luc Pilon

Picking up the Pieces:
Seventeenth Century Tin-Glazed Earthenware from Ferryland, Newfoundland

Eleanor J. Stoddart

Outport Archaeology: Community-Sponsored Excavation in Newfoundland
Peter E. Pope

On the (Early) Origins of the Beothuk
Jean-Yves Pintal

Retrieving History: The 18th Century Mortuary History of the Little Dutch Church, Halifax
Paul B. Williams, Paul Erickson and Laird Niven

Archaeoentomological and Archaeoparasitological Remains from the Îlot Hunt Site,
Quebec City (1850-1900)
Allison Bain

The Melocheville Tradition:
Late Middle Woodland Ceramic Production in Southern Quebec
Christian Gates St-Pierre

Sappers and Slag
Caroline Phillips

"Young clean catholic general maid seeking a situation":
Evidence of Domestic Service in the Ottawa Archaeological Record

Virginia Sheehan

Laurentian Archaic in the Middle Ottawa Valley
Claude Chapdelaine, Norman Clermont and Jacques Cinq-Mars

Ceramics and Chronology of the Late Prehistoric Period: The Abitibi-Temiscamingue Case
Marc Côté and Leila Inksetter

Symmetry Analysis of Ceramic Designs and Iroquoian-Algonquian Interactions
J. Peter Denny

Chasing the Moving Policy Target: Directions in the Fort Walsh Archaeological Program
David Hems

Broken Bottles and Bison Bones: Public Archaeology at Fish Creek Provincial Park, Calgary, Alberta
Dale Elizabeth Boland, Michelle Schatz and Christine Cluney

Identifying Human Ignited Fires in the Central Canadian Rockies Over the Last Millennium
Roderick J. Heitzmann

Microblade-Culture Systematics in Far Northwestern Canada
Donald W. Clark

An Attempt to Distinguish Phase and Facies:
Technological versus Stylistic Analyses of Early Thule Harpoon Heads
Jean-François and Maryke Le Mouël

Observational Archaeoastronomy at Stonehenge:
Winter Solstice Sun Rise and Set Lines Accurate to 0.2° in 4000 BP
Gordon R. Freeman and Phyllis J. Freeman

Observational Archaeoastronomy at the Majorville Medicine Wheel Complex:
Winter and Summer Solstice Sun Rise and Set Alignments Accurate to 0.2°
Gordon R. Freeman and Phyllis J. Freeman

The International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM) - A Status Report
Ellen Lee

The ICOMOS International Committee on the Underwater Cultural Heritage (ICUCH)
Robert Grenier

Comparative Archaeological Studies in the Work of the World Heritage Committee
Christophe Rivet and Henry Cleere

Success and Challenge: The Society for Historical Archaeology Moves Into the 21st Century
Teresita Majewski

The World Archaeological Congress
Karolyn E. Smardz

Chert Analysis by Infrared Spectroscopy
Darrel G.F. Long, Brenda Silveira and Pat Julig

Magnetic Survey at Tell Tabilla, Northeastern Nile Delta, Egypt
L.A. Pavlish, G. Mumford and A.C. D’Andrea

A Comparison of Siliceous Mudstone Artifacts from the Birimi Site (Ghana)
Using Instrumental Neutron Activation Analysis
Alicia L. Hawkins, Joanna L. Casey, L.A. Pavlish and R.G.V. Hancock

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