Final report. Commission of Inquiry on the Blood System in Canada

Volume 1: Foreword, Acknowledgements, Some important milestones: HIV and AIDS, 1981-94; Some important milestones: Hepatitis, 1965-95

Volume 2: AIDS: Safety in blood products

Volume 3: Part IV: International responses to the risk of HIV in the blood supply; Part V: Safety of plasma derivatives; Part VI: Towards a new blood system

Appendices: A: Government of Canada Commission; Ontario Commssion, Prince Edward Island order-in-council, Saskatchewan order-in-council; B: Commissioner and his staff; C: Rules of procedure and practice for the Commission of Inquiry Into the Blood Supply; D: Parties granted standing and their counsel; E: Intervener funding : order-in-council and Annex A - Guidelines; F: Persons appearing before the inquiry; G: Public submissions to the Commission; H: Interim report recommendations; I: Inquiry schedule