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Sir Adams George Archibald

born: Truro, Nova Scotia, 18 May 1814
died: Truro, Nova Scotia, 14 December 1892
representing: Nova Scotia
position: Pro-Confederation

Adams George Archibald was born into a well-known legal family in Truro, Nova Scotia. Many of his relatives had been given positions as high court judges in Nova Scotia, England, and Canada, and later in life he would follow in their footsteps.

Archibald became involved in politics and served in the Nova Scotia Assembly as solicitor-general (1856-60) and attorney-general (1860-63). In 1863 he took the position of leader of the Liberal party in Nova Scotia from Joseph Howe. Archibald was a delegate at all three conferences on Confederation and strongly supported Nova Scotia's entrance into the Dominion.

After the signing of Confederation Archibald was named to the first cabinet in the united Canada serving as John A. Macdonald's secretary of state.

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