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Sir Alexander Campbell

born: Hedon, Yorkshire, England, 9 March 1822
died: Toronto, Canada, 24 May 1892
representing: Province of Canada
position: Pro-Confederation

Born the son of a doctor in England, Alexander Campbell emigrated to Canada after only one year. In Canada he was schooled at St. Hyacynthe College and Kingston Grammar School. Campbell's early focus was in the field of law and at the age of 17 he was hired as John A. Macdonald's second articled student at the future prime minister's law firm. Four years later Campbell was called to the bar of Upper Canada and worked practising law with MacDonald.

Aside from his career as a lawyer, Campbell also prospered as a successful businessman. In 1858 he also entered politics, being elected into the legislative council in the district of Cataraqui. Campbell served in the council until 1867 and prior to Confederation was given the position of commissioner of crown lands.

At the time of Confederation, Campbell was a member of the Great Coalition. After the Dominion was formed he was made a member of John A. Macdonald's first cabinet as post-master general.

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