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John Hamilton Gray

born: St. George, Bermuda, 1814
died: Victoria, British Columbia, 5 June 1889
representing: New Brunswick
position: Pro-Confederation

John Hamilton Gray

Although born in Bermuda, John Hamilton Gray received his education at King's College in Windsor, Nova Scotia. In 1833 he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree and moved to New Brunswick where in 1837 he was called to the bar.

Gray entered politics in 1850 and sat in New Brunswick's provincial Assembly until 1867 as a Conservative representing St. John. He was well known for his orating skill in both his political position and his role as lieutenant colonel in the militia. Gray was one of two representatives of the same name who attended the Charlottetown Conference in 1864. A strong supporter of Confederation, Gray came into conflict with his own party and sided with his Liberal rival S.L. Tilley over New Brunswick's entry into union. After Confederation was achieved he was awarded the position of judge in the Supreme Court of British Columbia by John A. Macdonald.

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