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William H. Steeves

born: Hillsborough, New Brunswick, 20 May 1814
died: Saint John, New Brunswick, 9 December 1873
representing: New Brunswick

William H. Steeves began his professional life as a businessman but soon found a place for himself in politics. From 1846-51 he sat as a member of the New Brunswick Assembly representing Albert County. Steeves then moved to the legislative council in which he served until 1867. Between 1854-65 he was part of the executive council.

In his political career Steeves served many roles. He was surveyor-general (1854-55), commissioner of public works (1855-56, 1857-63), and attended meetings discussing the intercolonial railway in Quebec (1862) as a representative for New Brunswick. As a Father of Confederation, Steeves attended both the Charlottetown Conference and the Quebec Conference for New Brunswick. After Confederation, however, he went on to lead a rather unspectacular political career.

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