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Acknowledgements for the Old Crow World Wide Web Project

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Robert Bruce, Chief of the Vuntut Gwitch'in First Nation, in Partnership with the 
Yukon Department of Education, wishes to thank the following individuals who have 
contributed to the success of this Old Crow Web Site Project.

Particular thanks is extended to the Business, Education, First Nations Partnerships
Program, which facilitated the project from the beginning.

Many thanks to:

Daniel Shorty				Project Coordinator
Gladys Netro				Community Liaison Coordinator

The Old Crow Advisory Committee:

Richard Burke				Principal of Chief Zzeh Gittlit School
Charlie Thomas				Elder
Belia Tizya				Staff member
Neta Olett				Staff member
Jason Jennings				Teacher
Derek Huribert				Teacher
Jacquelline Pruner			Caribou Lobbiest
Helen Charlie				Native Language Instructor

Whitehorse Advisory Committee:

Linda Johnson				Director of the Yukon Libraries and Archives
Roland McCaffrey			Assistant Deputy Minister of Public Schools 
Florian Lemphers			Assistant Deputy Minister of Finance,
					Mangement and Information Services
Shirlee Frost				Old Crow Advisor
Christie Whitley			Coordinator Business, Education, First Nations
					Partnerships Program

Assistants to the Project:

Donna Dabyshire				Native Reference Assistant Yukon Archives
Heather Jones				Reference Assistant Yukon Archives

Community Contributors:

Jane Montgomery				Yukon Native Language Centre
Renee Frost				Old Crow Finance Officer
Kathie Nukon				Executive Director Vuntut Gwitch'in First Nation
Richard Lawrence			Yukon Web
Leona Powell				Department of Education
Michael Brandt				Deputy Minister of Government Services
Yukon Native Language Centre
Aboriginal Language Services
Clay Perreault				Hypertech North
Whitehorse Westmark Hotel			
Air North
McDonald's Restaurant


Katherine Peter
Jeffrey Peter
Wheeler Netro
Annie Blake
Cheryl Charlie
Wayne Olett
Kelly Olett

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