two caribou on the land with wind swept manes

Old Crow - Caribou: Food

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The caribou meat is eaten three times daily. It is our main source of protein. Almost every part of the caribou is eaten. One of the few parts of the caribou not eaten is the lungs. The types of food that we make with the caribou are: dried meat, pemmican, hamburger, stew, and plain meat which is prepared in a variety of ways, such as frying, roasting, and making soup with the meat. A high protein diet is essential for surviving the harsh climate of Old Crow where the temperature can drop to -50 degrees Celcius for weeks and weeks.

picture of Alice and Clara Frost sitting in front of a  rack of drying caribou meat

Alice and Clara Frost sit in front of a rack of drying caribou meat.
Yukon Archives/Harrington Collection, 89/38, 50.

picture of two men skinning a caribou

Two men skinning a caribou
Yukon Government Photo

picture  of  herd caribou

Herd of caribou
Yukon Government Photo

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