old picture of Old Crow with communications tower

Old Crow: An Introduction (part 2)

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old picture with many Vuntut Gwitch'in people in 

front of a church after a church service

Location of Old Crow on a map

map showing location of the Yukon Territory within Canada

The Yukon Territory is located north of 60 (degrees latitude),
in the farthest north west corner of Canada.
(Map Credit: Yukon Government. Public Affairs Bureau)

Map showing location of the Old Crow Community within the  Yukon Territory

Old Crow is in the Yukon Territory, which was established in
1898, two years after the Klondike Gold Rush brought thousands
of people from around the world to Dawson City. Old Crow is
the farthest northern community in the Yukon Territory.
Map Credit: Yukon Government. Public Affairs Bureau)

Yukon Language Map

Language: a sample of Vuntut Gwitch'in

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