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Selected Treaties from the National Archives of Canada
Record Group 10 (RG 10), Records relating to Indian Affairs

Note: IT is a National Archives of Canada designation assigned to each Indian Treaty document.

Note: IA is a Department of Indian Affairs numbering system for Indian Treaties.

[reddot] IT-019/IA-5, (1795)
Provisional Surrender
Penetanguishene, Ontario

[reddot] IT-035/IA-11 , (1798)
Deed of Conveyance
St. Joseph's Island, Ontario

[reddot] IT-147/IA-60, (1850)
Robinson-Superior Treaty, Ontario

[reddot] IT-148/IA-61, (1850)
Robinson-Huron Treaty, Ontario

[reddot] IT-237/IA-94, (1862)
Surrender of Lands
Manitoulin Island, Ontario

[reddot] IT-255/IA-124, (1871)
Western Treaty No. 1

[reddot] IT-256/IA-124, (c. 1871)
Western Treaty No. 1
Outside Promises, Manitoba

[reddot] IT-257/IA-124(1), (1817)
Selkirk Treaty, Western Treaty No. 1

[reddot] IT-272/IA-135, (1874)
Western Treaty No. 4
Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba

[reddot] IT-278/IA-137, (1859)
Land Sale Document
Prince Edward Island

[reddot] IT-282/IA-142, (1874)
Land Sale
Nova Scotia

[reddot] IT-413/IA-419, (1898)
Land Grant
British Columbia

[reddot] IT-447/IA-577, (1908)
Adhesion to Treaty No. 5
Split Lake and Nelson House, Manitoba

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