Executive Summary - Qualitative Testing of New Health Warnings and Contact Information Taglines for Cigarette Packages – 2017

POR Number: 028-17
Contract Number: HT372-173280-001-CY
Contract Award Date: 2017-09-22
Date of Submission: 2018-03-27

Prepared for: Health Canada

For more information, please contact: hc.cpab.por-rop.dgcap.sc@canada.ca

March 2018

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Executive Summary

Health Canada commissioned Phoenix SPI to conduct qualitative research to test mock-ups of 39 potential health warnings (HWs) for cigarette packages, and 11 potential taglines designed to appear on cigarette packages as part of the pan-Canadian toll-free quitline number and the Web portal section (Quitline section) of HWs. The research was conducted with members of each of the following populations: