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Canadian Journal of Rural Medicine

Summer 1999 / Été 1999

CJRM 1999; 4(3)

© 1999 Society of Rural Physicians of Canada

In this issue · Dans ce numéro

Cover Painting:

"Northern Lights." Coastal Newfoundland
fishing village. Oil on canvas 24 × 18 inches. Artist: Danielle Loranger.

© 1998 Danielle Loranger

Newfoundland fishing village

    Features Articles
  Editorials Éditoriaux
133 Fiddlers on the rural roof Gordon Brock, MD, CCFP, Vydas L. Gurekas, MD, CCFP
134 Des violons sur le toît rural Gordon Brock, MD, CCFP, Vydas L. Gurekas, MD, CCFP
135 President's message Patricia Vann, MD
136 Message de la présidente Patricia Vann, MD
  Original Article Articles originaux
139 Physician:population ratios in British Columbia Harvey V. Thommasen, MSc, MD; Stefan Grzybowski, MClSc, MD; Rose Sun, MD
  Case Report Étude de cas
147 Warning bells and red herrings Brian Morgan, DCh(SA)
  The Practitioner Le praticien
149 The occasional poor man's cricothyrotomy Gordon Brock, MD; Vydas L. Gurekas, MD
153 Country cardiograms case 13 Charles Helm, MD
  Podium: Doctors Speak Out La parole aux médecins
157 Chaos revisited: health care on BC's Gulf Islands Eugene R. Leduc, MD
  News Actualités
159 What we heard about special skills . . .
160 Advanced skills in rural Canada
164 Exploring working conditions Jill Konkin, MD
165 Going back to high school Jason A. Shack, BSc
    Off Call Détente
  Destination Bauchi Province
168 Coming of age Sterling Haynes, MD
  Cryptic Crossword
169 Answers to cryptic crossword # 12 Lee Teperman
188 Cryptic crossword Lee Teperman
    Departments Chroniques
169 Reviews Recensions
170 Letters Correspondance
171 Literature Littérature Scientifique