Shakespeare and Film: A Bibliographic Index (from Film to Book)

Jordi Sala-Lleal


The cinema that has grown out of the works of William Shakespeare from the beginnings of the seventh art almost up to the present─a particularly privileged object of research in recent decades─is the field covered by this relatively extensive bibliography. This is, in addition, an index which relates the bibliographic items with the films of the Shakespearean corpus, going from the film to each of the citations and works that study it. Researchers in this field should find this of particular use since they will be able to see immediately where to find information on every one of the films in the body of cinema relating to Shakespeare. Though this is the most important aspect, this work can be of use in other ways by means of an ordered list of the most important contributions to research in this field, and a second, extensive, list of films related to Shakespeare in order of their links to the various works of the canon.


Shakespearean cinema, bibliographic index, Shakespeare on film bibliography

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