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Delerium Press -- -- launched in 1999. Get the whole story from the founders of the micropress in this TDR exclusive! 

Also, read the interview to find out about their poetry chapbook contest (deadline: end of May 2006)


Who runs Delerium Press? Who are these people?

Kate Hall and Heather Jessup are the editors. Sachiko Murakami is the Press Administrator.

Do you ever notice that Penguin books is a giant corporation? how do you feel about the term micropress?

There are lots of good words that begin with micro. Micronesian, Microgroove, Micrology. Or, as our mothers might say, good things come in small packages.

What’s the deal with your books?

Cafe Esperanza and The Word bookstore in Montreal, and our books can also be ordered by mail or on our website:

What about your authors? Who are these people?

Susan Gillis, Jason Camlot, Matthea Harvey, Christian Hawkey, Fiona Foster, Katia Grubisic, Johanna Skibscrud, Moez Surani, Suzanne Buffam (see website for details).

And what about books that are yet to come out, or coming out? What’s the deal with those books?

This Spring Sarah Selecky Fiction "Standing Up for Janey" and Stephanie Bolster Poetry "Past the Roman Arena and the Cedar of Lebanon" plus Patrick Leroux Drama "Everything is True" and last but not least Jane Affleck Fiction "We Are Welcome" plus a broadside of Translation by Erin Moure.

What’s the deal with submissions? Do you accept submissions?

We do not accept submissions, but are hosting our first chapbook contest.

Chapbook? That sounds made up. And this is a contest? Can anyone enter? Does it involve books left out in the cold thus becoming chapped? What happens if someone reading this wins this contest?

Our 2006 Poetry Chapbook Contest, judged by poet Matthea Harvey. The winning entry will have a fine Delirium Press chapbook and a small broadside published. All entrants will receive the small winning broadside. Entry length is 12-18 pages. Judging is blind; entrant's name and contact info must be appear only on a separate sheet along with the titles of poems. There is a $20 entry fee payable in US or Canadian funds. Please make all cheques and money orders out to Delirium Press: Kate Hall and Heather Jessup.

Blind judges, poetry? Contests? Chapbooks? What is going on at Delirium Press and how can I contact you to discuss the possibilities of winning this contest?

Delirium Press Chapbook Contest 2302 Ave. Marcil
Montreal, QC Canada H4A 2Z1
Deadline: 30 May 2006







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