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Snare Books launches its first two titles this Spring. TDR correspondents caught up with one of its editors Jon Paul Fiorentino to discuss the creation of this new and innovative press out of Montreal.

(April 2006)


Publishers and Editors: REN Allen and Jon Paul Fiorentino.

Who is distributing Snare titles? 

Conundrum Press has generously agreed to agent our titles. This means that Snare Books will be available through the Conundrum catalogue and available in many fine bookstores.

How many titles do you plan on publishing? 

Right now we are doing two a year. Our first two are Canada Post by Jason Christie (poetry) and Dreadful Paris by Melissa A. Thompson (novel). Both are very peculiar and experimental texts and we are thrilled to be publishing these exciting first time authors.

And the future? 

In 2007 I already know what one of our books will be but I'm keeping it a secret.

When did you and REN Allen come up with the idea for Snare Books? 

We discovered that many of the emerging writers we were into, especially those writing non-traditional, innovative work, were having trouble placing their manuscripts with larger literary presses. Part of the idea behind Snare Books is to provide publishing opportunities for young experimental writers. As we move forward, we will most likely include established authors as well.

How do you feel about the term micropress? 

I don't mind the term micropress. I think that Snare Books is best described as a small literary press. Because of our desire to not publish cookbooks and our preference for strange, experimental, risk-taking work, we will probably stay relatively small. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. In my opinion, many of the best books in Canadian Literature have come from small presses.

Snare Books can be found at its temporary online home:








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