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Where are the short story collections?

September 23, 2004

TDR reviewed the websites of Canadian publishers to find out how short story collections are faring on the Fall 2004 lists. We reviewed the websites of small press publishers who are members of the Literary Press Group, plus the websites of Canada's large literary publishers. What follows are the results of this informal survey. 

Small press publishers' websites surveyed: 41

Number of small press publishers who publish only poetry: 3 (Brick Books, Mansfield Press, Wolsak & Wynn)

Number of small press publishers who publish only short fiction: 0

Number of small press publishers whose websites have not been updated in 2004: 3 (Anvil Press, Red Deer Press, Penumbra Press)

Number of publishers who don't separate out their new books on their websites: 4 (Blue Lake Books, Buschek Books, Creative Book Publishing, Vehicule Press)

Total books published by the remaining 31 small press publishers, according to their websites (includes either Fall 2004 or full 2004 season, depending on the information available on the website): 257

How many of those 257 books are short story collections: 23

How many small press publishers are publishing more than 2 short story collections in 2004: 1 (Porcupine's Quill)

How many short story collections is Porcupine's Quill publishing in 2004: 4


How about the bigger publishers?

Hasn't updated their site since 2003: Thomas-Allen

Websites down: HB Fenn, Harcourt-Brace Canada

Confusing websites, can't find Fall 2004 list: Douglas-McIntryre, Harper-Collins Canada, Penguin Canada

Random House Canada: 8 fiction titles, 1 is a short story collection

McClelland & Stewart12 fiction titles, 3 are story collections (1 is the Journey Prize Anthology)


How many novels, poetry collections, story collections were submitted to the 2004 Relit Awards?

  • 45 novels, 
  • 56 poetry collections, 
  • 29 short story collections


Publisher of Best Canadian Stories and Coming Attractions: Oberon (not a member of the LPG)


DISCLAIMER: This was an informal survey based on information most easily available on the publishers' websites. The survey tried to separate out Fall 2004 titles. Where Fall 2004 weren't separated from full 2004 season titles, the full year's titles were included in the survey. This methodology may have skewed the results of the survey. Consult a doctor before acting on this advice.








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