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Summerslam 2007

Canada's elite poets, writers and candlestick makers face, drink and stage off in the literary event of the season in Toronto, Canada.

with all the luck you've had why are you songs so sad
you sing from a book you were reading in bed and took to heart
all of your lives unled reading in bed

Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton, Reading In Bed (Knives Don't Have Your Back, 2006)

by Nathaniel G. Moore

"Who's holding?" That's all I ever hear at literary events these days. And as TDR watches you watch the closing season credits roll over for our illustrious online 2006-2007 season, and you the literary desperate, needing a fix, but not sure where to turn, not sure who's holding this summer, and you are not so sure that you can afford the VIP T-Shirt/Dinner Platter Combo "Got Griffin?" how about the post-Griffin poetry withdrawal? Are you feeling that? 

I know hipsters, it sounds like a strange drunken ATM bank statement code, but it's not. We have the cure. At least, some of us do. As summer swells out of its Uggboots and into its deabeat sandles, the Canadian literary scene prepares to Scream. I know I've been screaming for the past twenty-four hours after looking at the star-studded line-up for the mainstage. I mean, come on! It's going to be great. Really great. 

Montreal's answer to David Sedaris in the clever and humourous poet David McGimpsey, Toronto favourites Zoe Whitall, and Rachel Zolf, and actor, novelist, children's author Sean Dixon and more. It's the who's on first of Canadian poetry, and it's coming like the weather. 

Here is a run-down of all things Scream. 

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scream: mainstage
Free, Donations Welcome

Elizabeth Bachinsky
Sean Dixon
Shane Koyczan
Naila Keleta Mae
David McGimpsey
Roy Miki
A.F. Moritz
Steven Price
Priscila Uppal
Zoe Whittall
Rachel Zolf
and more!

Phosphorescence!: The Launch of Scream 15
Tuesday JULY 3rd
Gladstone Hotel
Ballroom 8 pm

Dennis Lee, Souvankham Thammavongsa
films by Shapour Shahidi
interactive science textbook zining

Strange Alchemy: The Science and Poetry Panel
Wednesday JULY 4th
Supermarket 7 pm

Moderated by Clive Thompson
Discussion with a.rawlings
Ken Babstock
Christian Bök

Launch Reading

Wednesday JULY 4th
Supermarket 9 pm

Christian Bök
Ken Babstock
Karen Solie
Jim Johnstone

Scream at TWB
Thursday JULY 5th
Toronto Women's Bookstore, 7PM

Nalo Hopkinson
Daniel Heath Justice
Tara-Michelle Ziniuk

Decibels and Accretions: The Scream Archive Project
Thursday JULY 5th
AWOL Gallery, 8PM
Free, Donations Welcome

Short performance with
the installation

Thursday July 5th
Type Books, Midnight
Free, Donations Welcome

Participants read scientific
fantasias old and new while
strange movies are
projected on the walls.

The Dewdney Principle: A Book-Length Dinner Reading
Friday JULY 6th
Don Valley Brickworks
7: 30 pm

Christopher Dewdney
book length reading of
The Natural History $35
Dinner and free shuttle bus
to site included in ticket.
Co-sponsored by NOW Magazine and Evergreen

Poets in Their Natural Habitat: A Literary Walking Tour
Saturday JULY 7th
Free, Donations Welcome

Drs Venright and Halim
explore the wild retreats
of the poetry ecosystem

Ephebiphobia: The Scream Youth Reading
Saturday JULY 7th
Location TBA
Free, Donations Welcome

Workshop led by
Sonnet L'Abbe
readings by
Nashira Dernesh, Jap Nanak Makkar
and other youth readers

Spontaneous Combustion: The Scream Gala
Saturday JULY 7th
Hugh's Room, 7PM

Reception with hors d'oeuvres followed by music

Under the Microscope: The State of Poetry Criticism
Sunday JULY 8th
Tinto, 3PM
Free, Donations Welcome

David Orr
Elizabeth Bachinsky
Damian Rogers
Carl Wilson

Behold what we
have wrought:
Welcome to
the Laboratory

Sunday JULY 8th
Type, 8PM
Free, Donations Welcome
Have we learned
nothing from poor
Dr. Frankenstein?

Nathaniel G. Moore should be dating someone dark and mysterious who never says anything but "blood" or "I feel like dying" that would be perfect for him. He is paid to sound excited about things.







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