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Update: January 14, 2008

compiled by Nathaniel G. Moore

ECW Press to publish CBC Literary Award antholog. The Canada Council for the Arts has chosen Toronto’s ECW Press to publish the English edition of a CBC Literary Awards anthology. The book will be released in February 2008, to coincide with the announcement of the 2008 CBC Literary Award Winners and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Canada Council.

Publishing Drizzle in Vancouver: Citing a strong Canadian dollar, consumer book rage and not showing a significant profit, Raincoast Books declares its departure from the publishing business. They house will still honour their deals with existing contracted authors, and of course, their Harry Potter obligations. Well, thankfully small press heroes such as Anvil, Arsenal, and Loose Teeth Press are there to pick up the pieces.

Moving Stories Film Festival at Book Expo 2008: BOOKSHORTS is planning a big showcase at BookExpo Canada, the national industry trade show for the book industry in Toronto. The Moving Stories Film Festival is calling on artists and filmmakers to submit their work. The films "are to be directly inspired by fiction, non-fiction or poetry in the form of a published short story, novella, poem, graphic novel or full length book." The festival will make its way across the country as a special event in festivals of literature and film and in lots of bookstores too.

2007 Giller Winner Hopeful Heading into US Release. Giller Prize winning novelist Elizabeth Hay is excited about the February 2008 US release of LATE NIGHTS ON AIR with Counterpoint. “Counterpoint has been my U.S. publisher for seven years,” Hay told TDR. “Among others, they've published James Salter, Penelope Fitzgerald, Miriam Toews, Gary Snyder. Obviously, a publisher with good taste. I hope my new book does well for them."

New Issue of Descant. Descant 139 is hot off the press and in stores. The new issue includes work by Mary Ann Mulhern, Matthew Holmes, Ted McInnes, Cortney Davis and others.

Mr. January. Corey Redekop, author of Shelf Monkey, is this month's author in residence at OPEN BOOK TORONTO. MORE: 

Ditch Poetry. If you need a quick resource on the who’s who of Canadian poetry, an ever-growing archive is growing in popularity and considerable depth at Ditch, the poetry that matters.

Independent Toronto Bookstores. Your New Year’s Resolution is to buy books from independent stores instead of Indigo or Amazon? You are not alone. A lot of writers, published by all different factions of the Canadian publishing industry feel the exact same way. A lot of them want you to buy their books from the independent stores. (Just check out their sites for links to buying their books and you’ll see what I mean.)

Therefore, below are links to some great independent stores in the city. These folks don’t even know the meaning of the words “sales prevention”, nor will they point you in the direction of a pile of candles when you ask for the Canadian poetry section. And best of all, they are not forced to wear degrading vests which lowers self-esteem and compromises motivation to live.

Why not check out these stores in person, ask them what everyone is talking about, what everyone is buying, or what they like themselves. It’s a great way to discover new writers.

Tell them TDR sent you.






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