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Redeye Ghazal: Saskatchewan

by David Solway

Itís only boring if youíre looking for mountains.
Otherwise, youíll see much to revel in, scenes

emerging from discriminate particulars,
a valley riven out of limestone scree, plains

running to distance, like a landing strip for wind.
The thick moraines have broken up to Tindall stone

and stands of dogwood put on a spectral grace.
Wheatships sail by, and pressing down upon the grain,

skies so low it seems the prairieís heaved and buckled
and miles of flatland canít be told from cloud ravines.

Light-and-shadow patches rise in dunes and hillocks
and every river calls the bluff of this terrain.

The night is wide and offers space for dreaming in.
The day is heavy with the solar weight of barns.




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