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These links really are miscellaneous. They're just stuff we heard about. Stuff that came through our email box. Stuff that seemed sort of interesting. We don't have any lawyers, but if we did we imagine they would say that we disclaim any liability that may accrue as a result of any of these links. That's a good lawyer word: accrue. We just mean: Use at your own risk.

Misc Links are updated roughly once a month.

Winter 2007/08 




September/October 2007 

June 2007 

a.e.m. returns

quattro books

hammered out lit zine

ReLitAwards (short lists #9)


moose call #4

temper's twilight tales and treasures

the poethics of found text

May 2007

Nathaniel G. Moore's "Let's Pretend We Never Met"

Patchy Squirrel

CUPE complains to PM Harper

variations zine

Stephen King on the school shooter

What is Stephen Harper reading?

Sailing Time's Ocean reviewed

The Big Book of Pop Culture

Google fights genocide in Dafur

ReLit Long List

Griffin Prize Press Release (pdf)

culture court

Hamilton Poetry Centre

Technophobic Medieval Bibliophiles

April 2007

Jackknife Express

Southern Ontario Library Service

Club Amick: Young Aboriginals Readers Program (pdf)

Literature and Fiction Resources: Ontario Library Service

Ursula Franklin

Women in Film and Television

Worldwide Short Film Festival

New Approaches in Canadian Prairie Literature

Magazines Canada

Shadow Train

Sisters In Crime

Cooked and Eaten (Peterborough)

KI Press's MySpace

Canadian Association for Sound Ecology

Max Middle Sound Project (YouTube)

Writers Blogs

Canadian author profiles (Quill & Quire)

February/March 2007

MS Read-a-Thon

Diaspora Dialogues 

a discussion group to plan and organize the formation of an association for online literary magazines and presses underground fiction (Calgary)

Gibraltar Point International Artist Residency Program

living the arts in ottawa: an open letter by rob mclennan

buffalo small press book fair: march 3, 2007

BookNet Canada Technology Forum

luna publications

Edit Red (UK)

toronto arts coalition: newsletter 19

canadian literature: resources

2007 puddle leaflet subscription

dear prime minister harper petition

blissful times

December 2006/January 2007

New Wave Canada: Coach House Press and the Small Press Movement in English Canada in the 1960s (Library and Archives Canada online exhibit)


Regent Park TV

Conversations in the Book Trade

Strong Words (Toronto reading series)

Expozine (Montreal)

Eleventh Transmission (Calgary)

InkNoire (Burnaby, B.C.)

Canadian Literature Centre (U of Alberta)

2nd Metcalf-Rooke Award Winner is Kathleen Winter (Biblioasis, Windsor)

George Elliott Clarke profiled (U of Waterloo English newsletter)

October/November 2006

Margaret Atwood in a green hat. At the Eden Mills Writers Festival. 

Make Climate Change History

Writers Trust Blog

Writers Trust Workshop Program

Critical Perspectives on Hockey in Canada and Beyond

Creative City Network of Canada

The Paris Review interviews Stephen King

Canadian Strange: Drunken Boat

Writer's Directory of Short Fiction and Poetry Publications

Canadian Comic Art Centre

Kootenay School of Writing

Nigel Beale Nota Bene Books

Robert Allen 1946-2006

The prolific writer, teacher, editor, mentor, and dear friend, Robert Allen, died on Friday, November 3 2006. He was the author of nine collections of poetry, three novels, and one collection of short fiction. His most recent book was the brilliant long poem, The Encantadas, published just this spring by Conundrum. 

September 2006

Top 100 books sold at Pages

Ruminations on the short story (from The Bicycle)

Authors Aloud: The voices of Canadian literature

Words at Large (CBC)

ArtReach (Toronto)

The Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry


2006 CBC Literary Awards competition

Summer 2006

Euston Manifesto

Journalists in Excile - Canada

El Dorado (Ottawa)

ReLit Awards - Short Lists!


Northern Poetry Review

june 17, 2006: ottawa small press book fair

May 2006

J.R. Carpenter's short story list

Trillium Book Award Winners (pdf)

Test (reading series, Toronto)

grub street: where boston gets writing

fresh tracks: spoken word recordings in canada

March/April 2006

Giller Prize Jury: Alice Munro, Michael Winter, Adrienne Clarkson

Reading Toronto


Spire Poetry

Yahoo small press groups

Gary Barwin's blog

Literary Journals in Canada: The Next Generation

The ReLit Awards: Ideas, Not Money

2006 Canada Post Literacy Awards

misunderstandings magazine 

February 2006

New site for poetry reviews! Publishers stop sending TDR your poetry books and send them here --> 

Too much fact in John Banville's THE SEA says Kenneth J. Harvey

Some short story links:

January 2006

Have you kept up with the recent poetry anthologies and critical tomes? Here's a quick list:

The New Canon, Edited by Carmine Starnino (Vehicule Press, 2005)

Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry , Edited by derek beaulieu, Jason Christie & Angela Rawlings. (The Mercury Press, 2005)

Writing in Our Time: Canada's Radical Poetries in English (1957-2003)
by Pauline Butling, and Susan Rudy. (Wilfred Laurier University Press, 2005)

Post-PRAIRIE: An Anthology of New Poetry, Edited by Robert Kroetsch, Jon Paul Fiorentino. (Talon, 2005)

Open Field: 30 Contemporary Canadian Poets, Edited by Sina Queyras and Sina Queyras. (Persea Books, 2005)

Breathing Fire 2: Canada's New Poets, Edited by Lorna Crozier & Patrick Lane. (Nightwood Editions, 2004)

December 2005

War Is Over (If You Want It)

"Six Million Million Miles" by TDR publisher and editor Michael Bryson is included in 05: Best Canadian Stories

The Guardian names This Ain't the Rosedale Library Canada's best independent bookstore & one of the world's Top 10

Lobbying the Canada Art Council to expand their criteria to recognize and promote the translation and publication of foreign works

Canada Reads: The Books


Creators' Copyright Coalition


paperplates vol. 6 no. 3

Taddle Creek (Winter 2005)

Anatomizing Regan

November 2005

Hal Niedzviecki

Ottawa Poetry Newsletter

Fray is a movement

Ivan Bunin

uTOpia: Towards a New Toronto

Nathaniel G. Moore's bowlbrawl

The Trouble with Normal: Breathing Fire II, Pissing Ice and the State of Canadian Poetry

George Bowering Feature in Jacket Magazine (Australia)


Patricia Young wins Metcalf-Rooke Award

Word is expanding and changing


Word is expanding and changing

Ottawa Small Press Fair (Oct. 15)

Toronto Small Press Fair (Oct. 29)

critical crushes

Toronto International Festival of Authors (Oct. 19-29)

Arctic Puppets of Death

Summer 2005

Desire, Doom & Vice: A Canadian Collection

The Metcalf Rooke Award

Make Poverty History

Murderous Signs

Pax Warrior

Edmonton Small Press Association



May 2005

A Literary Atlas of Canada

Industry Profile: Book Publishing

Why Literature Matters

Hot Type

Thunderburst (UK)

Macleans has a book page

Mourning Marla


TDR Editor Interviewed (On The Danforth)

On Saul Bellow (The Guardian)

Terry Fox Foundation - 25th anniversary of the Marathon of Hope

zine fair - Ottawa (May 14, 2005)

Toronto Small Press Fair (May 21, 2005)

April 2005

Ottawa International Writers Festival - Spring Edition (April 18-25, 2005)

La Mano Izquierda

Al Purdy archive at the CBC

Fiction isn't selling (1)

Fiction isn't selling (2)

a fundamental shift from literature as a crucial cultural conversation to a low-prestige consumer commodity


zine fair - Ottawa (May 14, 2005)

Soap Scum Projects

Death of short fiction continues


the writing found in short story collections ... is generally superior to that in novels

March 2005

Amis vs. Hitchens

A conference in honour of Frank Davey

Ottawa Small Press Fair (June 18, 2005)

Toronto Small Press Fair (May 21, 2005)

Matt Firth on micropresses

Lit blogs fill a niche

Nation Books

Artcity (Toronto)

Story by Mark Anthony Jarman

February 2005

The Paris Review Interviews (all of 'em)

Writer's Cafe

Hideout Press

Remembering Richard Outram [from Bookninja]

Take a Joy Read


Family Literacy Day (Canada)

National Center for Family Literacy (USA)

National Adult Literacy Database (Canada)

The trouble with "Canada Reads" [from Canadian Literature]


"Who owns the knowledge economy?" [from The Corner House]

rob mclennan interviewed in UK [from Stride Magazine]

January 2005

Cranks and Lurkers

War Is Over (If You Want It)

December 2004

Runaway Jury: A freelance jury re-runs the GG's award for poetry 2004 on

Zach Wells asks some questions about the 2004 GG award for poetry (from Maisonneuve)

Dislocate (USA)

Little Fish Cart Press

Go-Ezines - Recommeded sites

Orphan Leaf Review (UK)

2004 Ottawa International Writers Festival in Pictures

Canada Council Annual Report

Small Press Center (USA)

Canada Reads

paperplates vol. 6 no. 2

How to deal with Amazon

Short short fiction: The problem with (from StorySouth)

Toronto Arts Coalition - Opportunities Page

Pandora's Collective (Vancouver)

The Five Million Copies Project

November 2004

Finalists for the 2004 Governor General's Literary Awards

Canada-US Fulbright Program

Hamilton Poetry Centre

gritLIT [Hamilton]

Postcard Project

Research into the current state of the short story [UK]

Dooney's secret agent report on the Chapters/Indigo shareholders tell-all

The Further Somniloquies of Dion McGregor: More Outrageous Recordings of the World’s Most Renowned Sleeptalker

Get thee an agent

Interview with Jonathan Bennett [from]

Authors Rights

New classifications for the short story [from The Guardian]

October 2004

Zach Wells meets Shane Neilson [from Maisonneuve]

Research into the current state of the short story [UK]

Hymns to Millionaires by Soren A. Gauger

Moose Call #1: Mating in the Bleak City/Romance in the Urban Wilderness [from Dooney's]

Pagitica Kaput!


The Logogryph: A Bibligraphy of Imaginary Books by Thomas Wharton

September 2004

Derek McCormack in USA

Kiss Machine [Babies and Robots Issue]

Quill's Canadian Poetry Magazine Contest

Save Coach House Press

Single Onion (Calgary)

Collected Works (Ottawa)

Refugees Farm

Peterborough Arts Umbrella (damaged by summer flood)

Word on the Street (Sept. 26, 2004)


The Paris Review

TDR mentioned in EYE WEEKLY

Drake Hotel Art

June 2004

Go Flames Go

Azar Nafisi & The Dialogue Project

The Scream Literary Festival

Gwen MacEwen Park

Canadianist Scholars

Canadian Conference of the Arts - Pre-Election Report Card

Ontario: Role of Government Panel: The Culture Industry (pdf)

Book Thug

International League of Antiquarian Booksellers

The Arts in Ontario Public Schools - Report by People for Education (pdf)

Plum Ruby Review

May 2004

Alcuin Society

Community of Writers (Nova Scotia)

Halifax Symposium (Topic: Disinformation)

Maritime Writers' Workshop


Why Canadian culture matters

Grey Borders


Small Press Distribution


Big Splash Books

Trillium Book Award News Release - 2004 Winners (pdf)

April 2004

ReLit Awards - Long List

Commonwealth Short Story Competition 

CBC National Poetry Faceoff

Manitoba Writing and Publishing Awards

nether: a review diablogue

Interviews with micropress publishers by a.rawlings

Friends of Regina Public Library

John Newlove Tribute

Poetics and Public Culture: A Conference in Honour of Frank Davey

Finalists - Trillium Book Awards







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