I will forget the grass of my mother's lawn
I know I will
I will forget the old telephone number
Fitzroy seven eight two oh
I will forget my style
I will have no style
-- Leonard Cohen

This style guide gives the basic formatting requirements for all documents to be placed on the Literascape Server.

All documents should be written for both Netscape and Internet Explorer browsers. All documents should be downwards compatible for Lynx and text-only browsers

HTML page code should follow the most current accepted specifications. The following points are worthy of note:

Many on-line tutorials are available. Check out the Netscape guide to Creating Net Sites, or the W3 Consortium's HTML pages.

On-line code checking is available from The HTML Doctor and WebTechs Validations Service.

Mac developers are encouraged to use BBedit. A fine program which is upgraded almost as fast as the web changes.

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