."A Jew cannot be a Jew on his own.  A Jew needs to be part of a community" - Elie Weisel
This website investigates the rich history and cultural significance of synagogues in Toronto, Canada.  This virtual exhibition provides an opportunity for visitors to explore the unique character of these buildings through texts, photographs, historical documents and audio/video clips.  Using material from the collections of the Ontario Jewish Archives, a department of the United Jewish Appeal Federation of Greater Toronto, as well as the archives of the individual synagogues, this site presents a wealth of information about the history of both the synagogues and their congregations.  The project was conceived and executed in 2003/2004 through a partnership between the Ontario Jewish Archives and Ryerson University.
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Project Origins

By Robert Burley and Ellen

By Dr. Stephen Speisman


First Narayever
Knesseth Israel
Kiever Synagogue

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