Arctic Tern

Inuktitut name - Imiqqutailat

Colour - bill and legs blood red, head with black cap, lower face grey with white line above

Length - 35 to 42 cm

Shape - tail long and deeply forked; legs short; wings long and quite pointed

Behaviour - often dives from 10 metres above the water; feeds near shore, eating small fish; nests on sandy beaches or rocky islets, usually nests with one or a few pairs present, but occasionally forms large colonies (up to 100 pairs)

Distribution - migrates to Antarctic in winter, returning north in spring; widespread in the Arctic in summer

Sensitivity - see Sensitivity Information on the Birds - General Information page

 [Arctic Tern thumbnail] Arctic Tern (33 KB) Lancaster Sound Area
Distribution Maps:
Spring (Ice Scenario 1)
Spring (Ice Scenario 2)
Spring (Ice Scenario 3)
Summer Scenario
Coronation Gulf Area
Distribution Maps:
See the Birds - General Information page.

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