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Seasonal Scenarios


There are six or more possible configurations for the spring ice edge in Lancaster Sound and Barrow Strait. Some configurations occur infrequently and were combined with a common similar configuration or were not considered. Three typical spring ice edge conditions in the Lancaster Sound/Barrow Strain region (denoted as Spring 1, Spring 2 and Spring 3) were used to describe biological conditions in spring. Ice edges recur at these three positions in most years. These locations actually are within envelopes of possible ice edge configurations. In addition, ice edges may remain across bays and fiords and along coasts. The spring scenarios in the Coronation Gulf region are less variable and can be summarized in one map. Therefore, there is only one spring map for the western part of the northwest passage (Coronation Gulf)


Ice conditions in summer can be quite variable. In some years, ice may remain in the Lancaster Sound area well into late summer and many bays and inlets are filled with ice. The summer ice scenario that we have used for production of the species distribution maps assumes that animals are not restricted in their distribution by ice, although ice will still be present in some bays and inlets.


Ice conditions used to depict biological fall do not correspond to ice conditions in calender fall. Marine mammals leave the study area before or as freeze up progesses. Thus, for our purposes, fall ice conditions are similar to summer. An exception may be the that the pack ice in Barrow Strait and Prince Regent Inlet may have dispersed by fall.


Biological activity in the Arctic is very limited during the winter months. Temperature and light conditions force most species to migrate from the area. As a result, the environmental impact of ship and air traffic in the Arctic during the winter is minimized. Maps are not provided for the winter.


Lancaster Sound Distribution Maps
Spring 1Spring 2Spring 3SummerFall
All EidersAll EidersAll EidersAll EidersAll Eiders
Arctic TernArctic TernArctic TernArctic TernNo map
Black GuillemotBlack GuillemotBlack GuillemotBlack GuillemotBlack Guillemot
Black-legged KittiwakeBlack-legged KittiwakeBlack-legged KittiwakeBlack-legged KittiwakeBlack-legged Kittiwake
No mapNo mapNo mapBrant and GeeseNo map
Common EiderCommon EiderCommon EiderCommon EiderNo map
DovekieNo mapNo mapNo mapDovekie
Glaucous GullGlaucous GullGlaucous GullGlaucous GullNo map
Ivory GullNo mapNo mapNo mapIvory Gull
King EiderKing EiderKing EiderKing EiderNo map
Northern FulmarNorthern FulmarNorthern FulmarNorthern FulmarNorthern Fulmar
Thick-billed MurreThick-billed MurreThick-billed MurreThick-billed MurreThick-billed Murre
Thayer's GullThayer's GullThayer's GullThayer's GullThayer's Gull
Spring 1Spring 2Spring 3SummerFall
Bearded SealBearded SealBearded SealBearded SealNo map
Harp SealHarp SealHarp SealHarp SealHarp Seal
Ringed SealRinged SealRinged SealRinged SealRinged Seal
WalrusWalrusWalrusWalrusNo map
Terrestrial Mammals
Spring 1Spring 2Spring 3SummerFall
CaribouCaribouCaribouCaribouNo map
Polar BearPolar BearPolar BearPolar BearPolar Bear
Spring 1Spring 2Spring 3SummerFall
Beluga WhaleBeluga WhaleBeluga WhaleBeluga WhaleBeluga Whale
Bowhead WhaleBowhead WhaleBowhead WhaleBowhead WhaleBowhead Whale