Northern Phalarope

(also known as the Red-necked Phalarope)

Colour - female grey with reddish patch on neck, throat white, and bill black; male duller (a reversal of usual colouring in birds, where male is brighter)

Length - 15 to 20 cm

Shape - long needle-like bill; short neck; plump body

Behaviour - often seen turning on the water surface to create a vortex to collect food (zooplankton); the only shorebirds (along with the Red Phalarope) seen swimming out at sea; breeds inland in emergent vegetation near ponds and lakes; flight is swift and erratic; often rests on floating seaweed

Distribution - common in marine waters during migration (in the Arctic) and in winter (in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans), sometimes far out at sea

Sensitivity - see Sensitivity Information on the Birds - General Information page

 [Northern Phalarope] Northern Phalarope
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Lancaster Sound Area
Distribution Maps:
This species is not sensitive in this area, therefore no maps are presented.
Coronation Gulf Area
Distribution Maps:
See the Birds - General Information page.

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