Red-throated Loon

Colour - in summer, head grey, neck striped, with rusty-red throat patch; in winter, head and neck grey above and white below, back brownish-grey and speckled; bill black

Length - 50 to 70 cm; the smallest of the loons in the Canadian Arctic

Shape - bill thin and straight, tilts upward; body thin

Behaviour - dives for fish; often present along the fast ice edge and along open coastlines; the birds are often single or in pairs, although up to several hundred birds may congregate in open water in the spring

Distribution - common in Beaufort Sea; migrates south in winter to Pacific coast

Sensitivity - see Sensitivity Information on the Birds - General Information page

 [Red-throated Loon thumbnail] Red-throated Loon
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Lancaster Sound Area
Distribution Maps:
This species is not sensitive in this area, therefore no maps are presented.
Coronation Gulf Area
Distribution Maps:
See the Birds - General Information page.

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