Snow Goose

Inuktitut name - Kanguq

Colour - white with black wing tips when seen from below; there is a blue phase that has a bluish grey body and wings; head and neck sometimes rust-stained; bill and legs pink

Length - 60 to 75 cm

Shape - neck long; bill short

Behaviour - usually in large flocks; flocks fly in loose V-shaped formation during migration; usually makes a single loud honk (sometimes two honks, rarely three); diet consists mainly of plants; feeding occurs in marshes and flat upland areas

Distribution - 1/3 of the world's population of Greater Snow Geese (a subspecies) frequents Bylot Island in Lancaster Sound; large breeding colonies of the more numerous Lesser Snow Goose (the other subspecies) are present around Hudson Bay and Foxe Basin, and in Beaufort Sea (including Banks Island)

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