Tundra Swan

(formerly called the Whistling Swan)

Inuktitut name - Kugyuk

Colour - white; bill black with small yellow spot at base

Length - 120 to 135 cm

Shape - a very large bird with a very long neck

Behaviour - makes a loud cooing sound; diet consists mainly of plants; feeding occurs in marshes, flat upland areas, and sometimes in coastal estuaries and mudflats

Distribution - small numbers of birds in Beaufort Sea; migrates to coastal United States in winter, returning through the Great Lakes area in spring

Sensitivity - see Sensitivity Information on the Birds - General Information page

 [Tundra Swan thumbnail] Tundra Swan (46 KB) Lancaster Sound Area
Distribution Maps:
This species is not sensitive in this area, therefore no maps are presented.
Coronation Gulf Area
Distribution Maps:
See the Birds - General Information page.

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