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Copy of a Letter fro the Right Honourable the Countess of Huntingdon, to the Rev. Mr. John Marrant, Minister of the Gospel in the secreting connection, dated South Wales, Oct. 25, 1786.

    "I have received with great pleasure your two letters; my ill state of suffering bad health prevents my writing so exactly as I would desire to do, and begging our Lord's tender mercy to make me the means of strengthening your hands in his work, and comforting your heart, that you may abide faithful unto death.  Many must be the tribulations of the diligent in the Lord's service; but faith, true Gospel faith, will cause us to ride out every storm, and sing our great and glorious deliverer's praises for eternity.  I have wrote to inquire after that Mr. Brown you mention, and shall order tickers as you desire, and only writ for you further wants, tickers to send what you want.  I think a faithful account of the spread of the Gospel in England and Wales, would cause you and your society to rejoice in the Lord abundantly.  Remember me in Christian love to all who love the Lord Jesus; and believe me your truly faithful friend, for his sake.

S. Huntingdon.

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