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Official Documents and Proclamations

Lord Dunmore's Proclamation

The full text of the crucial proclamation that started all these events in motion.

Virginia Congress's Response

The Virginia Assembly's response to Dunmore, condemning him for endangering the safety of these poor innocent negroes.

Treaty of Paris

The full text of the final 1783 peace treaty.

Carleton's Orders

Guy Carleton's instructions to give certificates of freedom to those blacks who could fulfill the Philipsburg criteria.

The Book Of Negroes

Presented online for the first time, the full text of the list of blacks evacuated from New York at the end of the war.

Muster Book of Birchtown's Blacks

The full list of Blacks mustered in Birchtown in 1784.

Certificate of Freedom

Text and image of one of General Birch's Certificates.

Brindley Town Survey

A letter describing the initial survey of Brindley Town and describing the conditions there.

Johnston Case

A assault charge against one George Johnston (or against her?)

Annapolis Muster List

A muster list of the blacks at Annapolis and Digby in 1784.

Sierra Leone Ad

The Handbill that was posted to promote the Sierra Leone Colony.

Bill for Birchtown Survey

Hildrith and Burling's bill for the surveying of Birchtown.

Farmer's Indenture

A complex deal involving the indenture of Jupiter Farmer to George Harding in return for a town lot.

Slave Sale

Joseph Wesley sells his slave Lucy to William Taylor.

Indenture of John Harris

John Harris Indentures himself to William Stone.

Horton's Indenture

James Horton indentures himself and his family for six years.

Farmer's Estate

Official records for Jupiter Farmer's estate in 1829.

Farmer's Will

Jupiter Farmer's Last Will and Testament.

George Buys Land

Purchase agreement where David George buys a farm lot from James Masimore for 17 shillings in 1785.

Postell Case

Mary Postell's sworn statement declaring here freedom in her court case.

Road Petition - Birchtown

Stephen Blucke's petition that money be granted to repair the road from Birchtown to Shelburne.

List of Indentured Servants

A list of the indentured servants in Shelburne in 1784, prepared for the audit of the abuse of King's Bounty in 1784.

Colonel Blucke's Company

Muster list of Colonel Blucke's company of Black Pioneers in Birchtown.

Blucke's Fine

Stephen Blucke is ordered to pay a fine of one shilling for an unnamed offence.

Land Sale

Jacob Aaron, a black man, purchases two town lots around Birchtown in 1797.

Petition for those remaining in NS

A partial transcription of the petition Stephen Blucke developed in 1791 in order to try and obtain land and livestock for those blacks who would remain in Nova Scotia.

Image Credit: Lawrence Bruce
Muster Book of Free Blacks