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Free Settlement

on the

Coast of Africa


    The Sierra Leone Company, willing to receive into their Colony-such Free Blacks as are able to produce to their Agents, Lieutenant Clarkson, of His Majesty's Navy, and Mr. Lawrence Hartshorne, of Halifax, or either of them, satisfactory Testimonials of their Characters, (more particularly as to Honesty, Sobriety, and Industry) think it proper to notify, in an explicit manner, upon what Terms they will receive, at Sierra Leone, those who bring with them written Certificates of Approbation from either of the said Agents, which Certificates they are hereby respectively authorized to grant or withhold at Discretion.

It is therefore declared by the Company

    That every Free Black (upon producing such a Certificate) shall have a Grant of not less than Twenty Acres of Land for himself, Ten for his wife, and five for every child, upon such terms and subject to such changes and obligations, (with a view to the general prosperity of the Company) as shall hereafter be settled by the Company, in respect to the Grants of Lands to be made by them to all Settlers, whether black or white.

    That for all stores, provisions, or, supplied from the Company's Warehouse, the company shall receive an equitable compensation, according to fixed rules, extending to blacks and whites indeterminately.

    That the civil, military, personal, and commercial rights and duties of Blacks and Whites, shall be the same, and secured in the same manner.

    And, for the full assurance of personal protection from slavery to all such Black Settlers, the Company have subjoined a Copy of a Clause contained in the Act of Parliament whereby they are incorporated, viz. 

    "Provided Also, and he it further enacted, that it shall not be lawful " for the said Company, either directly or indirectly, by itself or themselves, or " by the agents or servants of the said Company, or otherwise howsoever, to " deal or traffic in the buying or selling of Slaves, or in any manner what is to " have, hold, appropriate, or employ any person or persons in a  state of slavery in " the service of the said Company."

Given under our hands, London, the 2nd Day of August, 1791.


Henry Thornton, Chairman Joseph Hardcastle
Phillip Sansom, Dep.Chairman Thomas Clarkson,
Charles Middleton Vickeris Taylor,
William Wilberforce, William Sanford,
Sharp, Thomas Eldred
Kingston, George Wolf