The Carboniferous Age and the Joggins Fossil Record

The Carboniferous period took place between the ages of 375-285 million years ago (MYA). It is known as the COAL AGE , due to the coal mining activities of the past couple hundred years. The land that long ago has been found to have been a luscious and green environment that gave birth to many various types of life. Many of the plants and animals were very large, due to the high percentage of oxygen in the atmosphere. Many of these were the very first of their kind and also the largest. In the Carboniferous period, Joggins was positioned at the equator, which gave it the appearance of the present day Amazon forest. This period is most well known for its abundance of plant life, but not known as well for its flood plains and series of rivers. The idea of the Carboniferous period allows us to realize a truly different place and time.

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