Brian Hebert, Width=250 Height=200
Brian Hebert - Team Leader

Team Leader, Graphics Design, HTML, artistic imput, research and development Paleontology, photography, exploration.
Trevor Proctor, Width=250 Height=200
Trevor Proctor

Graphics Design, HTML, Java Script, artisic imput, photography, exploration.
Dwayne McEachern, Width=250 Height=200
Dwayne McEachern

HTML, Java Script, Graphics Design, artistic imput, photography, exploration.
Rachael Glennie, Width=250 Height=180
Rachael Glennie

Grade 10, River Hebert District High (RHDH), research, typing, and HTML.
Trevor Reid, Width=250 Height=190
Trevor Reid

Grade 10, (RHDH), research, typing, and HTML.
Nick Frail, Width=250 Height=200
Nick Frail

Grade 12, (RHDH), research, typing, and HTML.
Justin Leblanc, Width=250 Height=200
Justin Leblanc

Grade 9, (RHDH), research, typing, and HTML.


Canada's Digital Collections Program, for funding this important scientific project.

River Hebert, Joggins & Area C@P Steering Committee

Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC)

Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources

Cumberland Regional Economic Development Association (CREDA)
who looked after all non-technical aspects of the project.

Joggins Fossil Cliffs Project Committee, (CREDA Committee)

Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources for the Basic Geological Map


Sylvia McKoy, B.A., Project Coordinator, for her devotion from start to the finish of the project.

Don Hannah, GIS Technician, (hired through HRDC) for his contribution of research, digital photography, and the initial HTML and Java Script training he provided the team.

Dr. John Calder, Paleontologist, Department of Natural Resources, for his help with text and photos.

Ken Adams, MSc., Curator of the Fundy Geological Museum, Parrsboro, NS, who permitted the team to photograph some of the museum fossil collection.

Andrew Hebbda, Curator, and Deborah Skilleter, Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, for granting the team permission to photograph fossils in the museum.

Don Reid and his daughter Gloria Melanson, Owner / Operators of the Joggins Fossil Centre, Joggins, NS, for permitting digital photography of their extensive fossil collection.

Eldon George, Owner / Operator, Parrsboro Rock & Mineral Shop, Parrsboro, NS, for allowing the team to photograph some of his extensive fossil collection.

Other contributors of a private collection from the surrounding communities: Dike O'Brien, Sydney Eagles, Jennifer Welton, and Marjorie Gray.


If you would like to make comments or request information regarding this fossil digital collection, please contact Sylvia McKoy (Project Coordinator) or Brian Hebert (Team Leader) at the following email address: Responses will be made to as many inquiries as time permits. Thank you.

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