1. Each person takes a dice and throws it, one at a time. The one who throws the dice downward (showing the blank side) is out. They keep throwing until there is only one person left. He starts the game.
  2. He takes all the dice in hand and throws them down - if he doesn't score anything, he passes them on to his left.
  3. The method of scoring follows this:

  1. If one player gets dice worth 10 points, then each of the others must give him tallies worth 10 points and so on.
  2. When a player has lost all his tallies, he still has one more chance to throw the dice, but if he scores nothing on his next turn, he is out of the game.
  3. The game continues in this manner until one player wins all the tallies.


The people from the Poorman's Reserve played their game with slight changes in the rules and scoring methods.

The game was played much like Poker with a "cashier" in charge of all the tallies. A player could wager any article; he and the cashier decided the worth of the article. For example, a pair of moccasins may have gone for 20 tallies, or a set of bells would be worth 25 tallies.

The game begins in the manner described above. Occasionally, the players take two throws at their turn with the dice.

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