This is a Cree game Smith Atimoyoo saw children at Loon Lake play many years ago. There is a special song to accompany this.



  1. The game involves two players. One begins the game by hitting an end of the stick to make it flip into the air. If it doesn't flip he must try again.
  2. The score depends on the side of the stick which is facing up when the stick lands. The game played in Loon Lake used a pole that was blank on one side, blue on another, marked with a design on another with the last side painted red. Each side denoted one to four points. The red side counted four and took the game.
  3. The first person to get four points wins the game.


  1. Free Throw: A player who loses all his sticks may sometimes be allowed a "free throw". If he scores, he is back in the game; other wise, he stays out. Each player is allowed only one free throw per game.
  2. End of Game: When only two players remain, they can make special arrangements to speed up the game. For example, before throwing, one player might bet all his tally sticks that he will score a certain number. If he is successful, his opponent must give him that number of tally sticks. If he fails, he loses the game.

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