St. Lawrence Cement
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AS A LEADING PRODUCER and supplier of products and services for the construction industry, St. Lawrence Cement’s success can be equated to “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.” St. Lawrence Cement Inc. is comprised of many divisions, each offering their own services and products, each an important part of the successful equation.

St. Lawrence Cement Inc. operates four cement plants, 20 cement distribution terminals, 44 ready-mixed concrete plants, 19 quarries and sand pits, and two construction companies. As a whole, St. Lawrence Cement Inc., made up of its many parts, serves 15,000 customers in Canada and the eastern United States, employs 2,500 employees and has annual sales of $700 million.

One part of the whole equation is St. Lawrence Cement's Mississauga Plant, located on Lake Ontario, approximately 30 km. west of Toronto. Over the past 41 years, the plant has witnessed upgrades and improvements to its operations resulting in a total plant capacity of 1.9 million tonnes of cement per year.

St. Lawrence Cement's Mississauga facility is also home to the Ontario Marketing department, comprised of sales and technical service staff dedicated to meeting the increasing demands of the ever changing marketplace. New marketing initiatives are pursued and developed to address the growing needs of customers, with technical service staff on call, both at the plant and in the field, to answer customer inquiries and concerns, assisting with innovative solutions while ensuring all industry codes and standards are maintained.

St. Lawrence Cement's Mississauga Plant is a very active philanthropic contributor to local community organizations ranging in size from local boy scout troops and sports teams to larger, more established organizations such the Mississauga Symphony, the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, Erindale College, and the Mississauga Living Arts Centre. St. Lawrence Cement is a proud and responsible corporate citizen of the Mississauga and Oakville communities.

There is so much more to St. Lawrence Cement than just cement. Another important part of the whole St. Lawrence Cement equation lies in the production of concrete. St. Lawrence Cement operates 44 ready-mixed concrete plants with a fleet of over 600 trucks in Ontario and Quebec. The Ontario division, also producing concrete blocks and bricks, operates under two separate companies: Dufferin-Custom Concrete Group (DCCG) based in Concord, and Boehmers, operating out of Kitchener. St. Lawrence Cement's concrete units have supplied the products required for such high profile projects as the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Windsor Casino, the Mississauga Living Arts Centre, and the state-of-the-art electronic toll route (ETR), Highway 407.

Canada's newest Super Highway 407 (ETR) constructed with concrete.

Dufferin Aggregates, with its main office located in Concord, Ontario, provides another part of the puzzle, through the provision of crushed stone, gravel and sand for infrastructure construction in Ontario, and also supplying aggregates to the company owned ready-mixed concrete plants (DCCG). Dufferin Aggregates' Milton Quarry, employing approximately 100 people, supplies numerous projects in the Greater Toronto Area with the highest quality aggregate in the area. Some of the more visible projects have included the new runway at Pearson International Airport, Highway 401 and Highway 407 ETR. Currently, parts of the quarry are undergoing rehabilitation. The south corner of the property will soon be the first part of the quarry rehabilitated to a natural habitat for wild life. Even now, before rehabilitation has been completed, fox, deer, turkey vultures and other birds call the Quarry their home. Another group calling the Quarry home, at least for short periods of time, are local Scouts Canada Troops. Dufferin Aggregates' Milton Quarry, boasting acres of natural bush and parkland for field studies – along with a chalet for escape from inclement weather – provides Scout Troops with the type of setting required for outdoor activities. The Milton Quarry is also right beside the Bruce Trail where the Scouts can access caves and spectacular viewpoints of the area. Dufferin Aggregates operates two other quarries plus seven gravel pits, many of which were obtained by the 1997 acquisition of Gormley Aggregates. At work or at play, Dufferin Aggregates plays an important part in the whole St. Lawrence Cement success story.

Another integral part of the St. Lawrence Cement family is Dufferin Construction, located in Oakville, Ontario. Established in 1912, Dufferin Construction is Canada's largest concrete paving company and one of Canada's leading heavy civil engineering contractors. Dufferin Construction became the first concrete and paving company in North America to receive the prestigious ISO 9002 certification for the manufacturing and placement of concrete. Specializing in highway paving, bridges, airports, and parking lots, Dufferin Construction expanded its horizons in 1994 with their 25 percent participation in the Canadian Highways International Corporation (CHIC) consortium to design, develop and build the 69-kilometre Highway 407 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada’s first and only all-electronic Express Toll Route.

The Highway 407 ETR project is a prime example of how the equation “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” exemplifies the St. Lawrence Cement success story. As the primary supplier of construction materials to the Canadian Highways International Corporation (CHIC), the St. Lawrence Cement group of companies provided the product and service to get the job done: 330,000 tonnes of cement from the Mississauga Plant; 650,000 cubic metres of concrete paving from Dufferin Construction; 8 million tonnes of aggregates from Dufferin Aggregates; 350,000 cubic metres of ready-mix concrete from DCCG and Boehmers. Many parts equalling a whole lot of success.

St. Lawrence Cement. Leading by building value for you – customers, employees, communities, and shareholders.