Crown Life Insurance Company
A Legacy of Leadership in Financial Security

Crown Life Insurance Company is proud of its reputation as a leader in the insurance industry during its 100-year history, ranking today among the top six percent of North American life insurers. Crown Life offers a wide range of life insurance, health insurance and pension products on a partici-pating and non-participating basis to individuals and groups throughout Canada, the United States, Hong Kong, Macao, and certain of the Atlantic and Caribbean Islands, as well as reinsurance services to other insurance companies.

Throughout the century of progress, Crown Life has always been in the forefront with developments designed to build better futures for customers through financial security. To meet that commitment, Crown Life has a tradition of providing sound products, expert advice, and outstanding service. The Company’s priorities are continuous improvement in the quality of service provided to policyholders and sustainable profitable growth in its core markets.

Crown Life’s reputation for leading the way began with the creation of the Company in 1900. Two prominent Torontonians, William Barklay McMurrich, QC, and George Harley Roberts, are credited with the idea of forming the Company. Their basic aim, stated by Roberts, was “to simplify the subject of life insurance as now presented to the public ... and to conduct business at a less cost ... thereby decreasing the cost of insurance to ... patrons.”

On May 28, 1901, the first general meeting of shareholders was held, and the Company’s tradition of “firsts” began. The Rt. Honourable Sir Charles Tupper, a father of Confederation and former Prime Minister of Canada, became the Company’s first President and Chairman. He oversaw the Company’s efforts to build a solid Canadian alternative in the domestic insurance market.

Although business did not officially commence until September 1901, the first policy, a fifteen-year endowment for $10,000, was sold in August by George Roberts. By October 1901, Crown Life had hired provincial managers in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia. By the time Crown Life held its first annual meeting in March 1902, it had written insurance with a face value of $221,500, with premiums amounting to $11,000.

One notable sale in the Company’s history was a policy issued in 1902 to Britain’s King Edward VII. The sum assured was $5000, payable in the event that His Majesty should die before midnight on the day of his Coronation. Edward was duly crowned on August 9, 1902, and the policy expired.

Other milestones in the Company’s growth toward the international reputation it enjoys today included the opening of its first foreign office outside Canada on May 25, 1921. This was located in Newfoundland, which didn’t join Canada until 1949.

In 1924, Crown Life opened its first office in the United States, in Detroit, Michigan. By 1961, Crown Life was licensed in 49 states of 50, more than any other Canadian insurance company.

Crown Life continued its marketing leadership in the’20s with the introduction of a new series of participating policies, offering more protection for a lower premium. This reflected the company’s original purpose. New agent contracts were initiated, featuring attractive bonus concepts. Both innovations were enthusiastically received by agents and clients.

The Company has contributed many other products and services. Payroll deduction insurance, guaranteed family income benefit insurance, small group products, and employee assistance plans were among the innovative products and services introduced by Crown Life and later adopted by other companies.

Crown Life was an innovator in the computer age in Canada. In 1934, the Company took its first steps toward mechanization with basic unit record equipment which assisted in simplifying the calculation and maintenance of actuarial reserves and policy in-force figures. Between 1947 and 1954, the Company implemented an integrated system using punched cards to handle premium billing and payment recording, agents’ commissions, and policy loan and policy dividend records.

In October 1960, the Company took delivery of Canada’s first IBM 7070 computer, considered the most advanced machine of its era. Crown Life continues to use technology to provide improvements in customer service.

Crown Life has a long tradition of building better futures ® in communities it serves. Each year, the Company is involved in hundreds of sponsorships, and supports many charities, embracing personal and community wellness, culture, and sport.

Crown Life has taken special pride in being selected as Official Insurer to Canada’s Olympic team at all Olympic Games since 1979. The sponsorship enables Crown Life to express its commitment to the Olympic ideals of teamwork, excellence, and continuous improvement.

In 1986, the Company insured 24 million visitors to Expo’86 in Vancouver. Two years later, the Company was appointed the Official Insurer to the’88 Calgary Olympic Winter games. Crown Life also sponsors Canadian Special Olympians, and underwrites the group insurance plan for the Canadian Special Olympics.

Crown Life closes its first hundred years with more than two million customers around the world who count on the Company to help them secure their financial futures. With a clear focus on its continuing mission of building better futures ® for customers through sound financial products, expert advice, and outstanding service, the Company is well-positioned to carry its legacy of leadership in financial security into the next millennium.