BioChem Pharma
Innovation in Science and Business

BioChem Pharma, the country’s leading biopharmaceutical company, is founded on innovation in both science and business. In 1986, it began operations in Laval, near Montreal, when it was unheard of to start a research-based pharmaceutical company in Canada.

Founded by Dr. Francesco Bellini, now President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Gervais Dionne, Executive Vice President, Research and Development, and the late Dr. Bernard Belleau, the Company now employs approximately 1,000 people in North America, Europe and Asia. Its activities span three key health sectors: therapeutics (BioChem Therapeutic), vaccines (BioChem Vaccines) and diagnostics (BioChem ImmunoSystems).

In the therapeutic field, BioChem Pharma focuses primarily on the antiviral and anticancer sectors. Its first drug discovery to come to market, 3TC®, has become the cornerstone of combination therapy for the treatment of HIV/AIDS. The next significant drug in BioChem Pharma’s pipeline is lamivudine to fight chronic hepatitis B, a major worldwide health problem. BioChem believes that this drug will be its next major breakthrough. BioChem Pharma also has in its development pipeline a promising innovative compound, BCH-4556, to address difficult-to-treat cancers such as renal, prostate and other cancers.

Vaccines are also a major part of BioChem Pharma's focus, in a market expected to double to U.S.$7 billion by the year 2001. In addition to its classical vaccines for influenza, diphtheria, tetanus and tuberculosis, the Company's vaccine pipeline includes a superior cell-culture based influenza vaccine that can be produced more quickly than traditional influenza vaccines to meet public health needs. It also has several recombinant protein vaccines in research or preclinical trials, one of which is in advanced preclinical testing for all strains of meningococcal meningitis, even among young people and the elderly who are not effectively protected by existing vaccines. It is due to begin clinical trials in early 1998.

Dr. Fransesco Bellini, President and chief Executive Officer.

BioChem Pharma is also a leading international manufacturer and marketer of cost-effective diagnostic systems and reagents, in three market sectors worldwide: immunology, endocrinology and hematology. Its products include detection kits, reagents, and automated analyzers for small and medium-sized laboratories.

The Company’s rapid growth is based not only on innovative science, but on highly innovative business practice as well. In 1990, BioChem Pharma formed a path-breaking partnership with Glaxo, now Glaxo Wellcome, and licensed rights to its discovery, 3TC, for up-front and milestone payments and royalties on future sales. This has paved the way for numerous strategic alliances with other pharmaceutical companies, research centres, universities and others, over the years.

With operations in three dynamic healthcare sectors, BioChem Pharma is proud of its ability to discover products that contribute significantly to the quality of healthcare worldwide.