Arthurs-Jones Inc.
One-Stop Shop

ARTHURS-JONES is one of Canada's oldest - and one of North America's most respected - commercial printers. Founded in downtown Toronto in 1906 by Messrs. Arthurs and Jones, Arthurs-Jones, or Al as popularly known, has grown to become a leader in state of the art prepress and press technologies and is peerless in the world of customer service.

For years, Arthurs-Jones has been recognized as Canada's leading producer of annual reports. And while this is undoubtedly true, producing over 80 annuals each year for some of North America's largest corporations, Al also prints corporate brochures, direct merchandising materials, posters essentially anything needed by the corporation or studio.

Now located in Mississauga, Ontario, Arthurs-Jones operates a 70,000 square foot manufacturing facility housing creative services, prepress, press and bindery departments under one roof. It is literally a "one-stop shop" for most companies' printing needs.

The prepress department was completely re-outfitted houses one of Canada's most sophisticated digital imaging operations. Al can process Macintosh and Windows files from disk through digital contract colour proofing - one of Canada's four Kodak Approval Digital Proofing Systems is located in Arthurs-Jones prepress department. Customers may forward their files in a large variety of formats, including ISDN, and changes are dealt with promptly and accurately within the AJ prepress environment.

Arthurs-Jones pressroom has a configuration of Heidelberg presses unique in Canada, providing AJ clients with the most efficient and speediest application of ink on paper. Heidelberg has long been considered the preeminent manufacturer of printing presses in the world and Arthurs-Jones has the distinction of being the only major printer in Canada operating nothing but Heidelbergs. 1995 also saw the complete overhaul of the Al pressroom with the addition of two perfecting Heidelbergs, one six-colour and one eight-colour press capable of printing both sides of the sheet at the same time. Thus, work may be processed more quickly and more cost effectively. In addition to the perfecting capability, all three of Al's six-colour Heidelbergs offer in-line coating, a water-based acrylic surface treatment that increases the life of the printed product.

However, the most important element of the manufacturing process at Arthurs-Jones is the human factor. Superior customer service and management of the technology ensures world-class printing that is delivered on time, every time. Over the past few years, Al has literally won hundreds of awards for excellence in its quality of print - quality that is achieved by a combination of state of the art technology and the mastery of this same technology.

Arthurs-Jones - a winning combination of man and machinery.