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Mikmaq petrograph from Kejimkujik National Park depicting European arrival.

Kespitukik to Port Royal: The Living History of Nova Scotia's Western Valley

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"Any country that is
alive to its future,
should be interested in
its past"
-Merle Gibson

Kespitukik Long before the European Nations set foot in Nova Scotia, the Mi'kmaq had named the region Kespitukik.
Port Royal When Sieur de Monts arrived in the Annapolis Basin he was instantly awed by the glory and splendor of the place. He dubbed the entire region Port Royal, and Champlain marveled that it was "one of the finest harbours [he] had seen...where two thousand ships could lie in safety".
The Western Valley of Nova Scotia has a unique history. The Mi'kmaq peoples have inhabited this region for close to 11,400 years. They were here for more than 11,000 years before the first Europeans, lead by Sieur de Monts, settled here. The French established the first permanent European settlement North of Florida at Port Royal in present day Annapolis County.

The logo for this site, located at the top left corner of each screen, is a Mi'kmaq petrograph depicting the European arrival. It was selected to represent this site because it is representative of both Mi'kmaq and European cultures.

The following collection of stories is based on actual historic events.The credits have been included to provide you with a resource for additional information. Each story is portrayed from a unique point of view. The narrator for each tale is speaking from his or her own perspective, as it has been shaped by time and circumstance. By reading the entire collection one should gain a fuller understanding of the people and events which shaped this region.

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