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Diver recovering an artefact

The Crew's Quarters of the P.S. Lady Sherbrooke

The quarters for the crew of the P.S. Lady Sherbrooke are situated just behind the bow. We assigned the crew to this area because it is the traditional location for the crew's quarters since the beginning of seafaring. The crew of the P.S. Lady Sherbrooke was composed of the Captain, a Pilot, a Purser, an Engineer, a Cook, a Maid, six sailors, and a cabin-boy.

Crew Quarters Crew Quarters

Unfortunately, this area of the wreck was severely damaged with nothing left except the wooden structure of the ship. Several mortices were found on the floor which indicated many stanchions supporting the main deck and the bowsprit. Since only the starboard portion of the crew's quarters has been excavated perhaps the port side still holds some surprises.