The P.S. Lady Sherbrooke
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Stern Stern Stern

Stern of the P.S. Lady Sherbrooke

Stern Several problems were experiences by the team when they attempted to dig around the stern. First of all, it was deeply buried in the mud. The visibility was extremely bad and the upper part was badly damaged. The sensation of being on a boat destroyed by a bomb was expressed by the divers. In fact it was the actions of the ice that destroyed this area of the P.S. Lady Sherbrooke.

The sternpost remains intact with its three gudgeons (the female part of a hinge). It is still possible to put the rudder in its original position. On the sternpost a faint trace of the Roman numeral IV can be seen. This indicates the draft of the boat. There is also a hole in the sternpost where a chain would have passed through, as a safety measure, to attach the rudder. Under the sternpost and the keel the team found an iron band acting as a heel to protect the rudder from hitting the bottom in low water.

Stern Stern

The upper part of the stern is in such a bad state that it is very difficult to put forward any concrete hypothesis on this object.
Stern Stern