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Pictured Here: From Dinorwic
Maggie Alto (Left)
Pte.John Alto (Centre)
John Alto Sr. (Right)
Credit: J.Alto and
M. Bright
Plague from the Wabigoon Community of Veterans who died in World War II.
Included is Native Veteran:
Pte. Daniel Garneau

Credit: Rock Fur Forest Lakes: A history of Wabigoon...
Portrait of Pte. Daniel Garneau
Completed by Owen Zoccole from a rough copy of an old Newspaper

As part of this digitization project we have been collecting a large number of photographs for archival purposes. With the saving of original documents, restoring damaged photos to very high standards and preserving them in electronic format we plan to keep our history alive in as many forms of multimedia as possible.

Native Veterans and their families have been submitting photos and stories for this project. They have made our archives possible by sharing their experiences with us so that the world will know the contributions made by our predecessors.

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You can also view some Examples of Picture Restorations

This outstanding photo gallery was created by Team Member Beverley Alto