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Examples of Picture Restoration

During this project we have had submissions that have come in very badly damaged. With a variety of graphics programs and some very good artwork we have been able to overcome some very large obstacles and restore most of the photos.

Some photos needed more work to be restored than others,
here are a few examples of the results.


WAC-0001.jpg (27670 bytes) AWL. Natalie Delaronde                                      

Nipigon, Ontario
Original Photo from the
Chronicle Journal
Restored by Owen Zoccole
WAC-0001b.jpg (14786 bytes)

NVA-00025.jpg (29587 bytes) Unknown Soldier
Original Photo from the
Chronicle Journal
Restored by Stan Alto
and Owen Zoccole                                                   
NVA-00025b.jpg (89720 bytes)

NVA-00040.jpg (23411 bytes) Pte. Frank Hardy                                                     
16th Battalion C.E.F.
Red Rock Indian Band
Nipigon, Ontario

Photo Credit: Pauline Young
Restored by Beverley Alto
NVA-00040-b.jpg (21809 bytes)

gnrlegard99.jpg (62069 bytes) Gnr. Eugene Legarde                                             
Son of Dan and Julia Legarde
of Macdiarmid, Ontario
Enlisted: June 1942
Overseas: September 20,1943
Wounded: August 26, 1944 in France

Photo Credit: Annie McGuire
Restored by Stan Alto
gnrlegard.jpg (55155 bytes)

sidneymoore99.jpg (168921 bytes) Soldier Sidney Moore
Photo Credit: Emily Moore
Restored by Stan Alto
sidmoore2.jpg (52447 bytes)

Some of the hardest work is trying to restore faces and details that are so badly damaged that it takes lots time and imagination to complete. Here is a Battalion photo from 1943 that displays exactly what we mean by both terms.

prebattalion.jpg (211154 bytes) battalion99.jpg (256627 bytes)
Photo Submission: Pte. Frank Banning
Frank is actually in the picture. Second Row from the bottom; Fourth from the Right