The Art of Guido Nincheri in the Research Collections of Concordia University Faculty of Fine Arts Slide Library

Slides and documentation about the art of Guido Nincheri and Matteo Martirano, his successor in the Studio Nincheri, may be found in the Cambay and Brault Collections located in the Faculty of Fine Arts Slide Library at Concordia University in Montréal.

The Cambay Collection contains about 200 slides of stained glass windows, plus some other material such as photos, from the Studio Nincheri. There are also two folders of original and photocopied newspaper clippings as well as a few brochures from churches where Nincheri's work may be found. To find out more about this collection click here.

The Fonds Brault of over 100, 000 colour slides photographed by M. Brault contains at least 136 slides of Nincheri's stained glass windows in the Church of St. Paul in Ville Émard and 44 of Nincheri's frescoes in the Church of Notre-Dame-de-la-Defense in Montréal. There may also be many other slides in the collection where works by Nincheri and his studio have not yet been identified because a detailed inventory of the collection has yet to take place. These include slices by Jobin and Carli and Petrucci and the interiors of many churches in whcih Nicnheri is known to have worked such as St. Léon-de-Westmount and St. Patrick's Anglican Basilica in Montréal. For more about this collection, click here.


Source: JACQUES CAMBAY (purchased 1986)

Language: English and French

Contents: About 3,000 slides of stained glass in Québec churches (especially around Montréal) by ateliers such as that of O' Shea and Leonard as well as several tapes of interviews with stained glass masters. Individual slides are briefly identified. Some sets of slides are accompanied by pamphlets or guides in English and/or French. Some sets have been documented on index cards by student researchers working under the supervision of Prof. Laurier Lacroix. This special collection includes 228 slides of stained glass from the workshop of Guido Nincheri where M. Cambay was employed for many years.


Source: Gift of M. ALAIN GUÉRIN & MME DANIELLE LALONDE (donated 1995)

Language: French

Contents: 504 looseleaf albums of colour slides and some 8 x 10 colour photographs of Quebéc, Canadian and French art objects, artifacts and architecture taken over the past two decades by filmmaker and cameraman François Brault. Special authorization was obtained to use professional lighting equipment in churches, convents, private homes and historic buildings or to move fragile pieces to a studio (including 150 ex-votos from different churches). Over a thousand photos of aerial views of churches or cemeteries, general views of buildings and close-ups of architectural details and crosses or statues on spires were taken from a specially chartered helicopter. Very few pieces documented in the Fonds Brault belong to museums. Many are not generally available for public viewing. The approximately 95,000 colour slides (about 30-60,000 different objects) include 44 slides of the frescos in the Church of Notre Dame de la Defense, 136 slides of stained glass in the Church of St. Paul and interiors of other churches with work by Guido Nincheri.

This very unique collection was deemed a Canadian Cultural Property in 1995 by the Canadian Heritage Ministry.

M. Brault has made more than twenty-four documentary films on religious art and also furnished the idea and illustrations for LesArts Sacrés au Québec by Jean Simard (Editions de Montagne, 1989). In 1999 he was working on a television film series about religious art.

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