April 7, 1987


Liboiron Receives Heritage Award
by Liz Millard


PONTEIX -Henri Liboiron, long known in the Ponteix area for his exceptional and dedicated work in archaeology, has been awarded the Volunteer Recognition Award in Heritage Conservation. The Award is part of a program sponsored by the Department of Culture and Recreation and was presented to Liboiron by MLA Ted Gleim. The presentation was held in Assiniboia on March 17 at the Kinsmen Hall.

Liboiron was nominated by the Ponteix Recreation Board for the award. His 50 years of work in the archeological field are detailed in the nomination form submitted by the Board. The form requires an explanation of what impact the candidate has had in the field of heritage conservation.

The impact of Liboiron's work has been documented (The Tribune ran a special feature on Liboiron in December 1986). Among some of his contributions is the discovery of the Niska and Napeo sites, the collection and cataloguing of thousands of artifacts, the establishing (at his own expense) of a museum to display his finds, and most importantly, the use and promotion of proper excavation practices which is the only way these artifacts can achieve their full meaning and historical perspective.

Other awards were presented in Culture, Sport and Recreation. Sharing the Heritage Conservation Category with Liboiron was Darlene Nicholson of Morse who was also presented an award.

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