First Baptist Church  First Baptist Church (Toronto, Ontario)

First Baptist Church was founded in 1841 when slavery was solidly entrenched as an institution in the United States. The prayers of the early settlers, members of this church, and other churches of the Amherstburg Regular Missionary Baptist Association were constant for those family members and friends still in bondage.

Like the other churches, the congregation multiplied as the US Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 forced an influx of freedom seekers to many parts of Canada West via the Underground Railroad. Our founding fathers brought with them a determined attitude, and a spiritual conscience that reflected FAITH, HOPE and a sincere LOVE for the LORD.

First Baptist Church is identified as the location of the passing and signing of the Provisional Constitution for a free state that John Brown hoped to establish in the United States.

The church today remains a lighthouse in the Community, reflecting the power of prayer, Baptist tradition and spiritual comfort.

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