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A Message for Youth

Ronald Loyer as a child

My message would be, whenever possible, to try to read and study the true histories, because the history that I have been taught is the false history of our people. I'm very fortunate that I am beginning to understand what the true history of our people really is, and my message to the young people is: study hard, do the research, and it wont be long before you obtain the information that you require. You become teachers yourselves. You have the energies, the youth, and the time to begin the research and the studies that we need, and we need so much of your youthful energies to go where we need to go, where our ancestors want us to go.

In the words of the Indigenous peoples of the world, when they met in South America a few years ago they brought out the vision statement, “We will walk into the future in the footsteps of our ancestors,” and that is my wish to the young people of North America who are Indigenous.

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Allen's Stories

The following stories are be Allen Jacob.

1 A Message For Youth
Allen talks about our stories and how it is important to tell our own version of history as Aboriginal people.
2 A Loss Of Culture
Allen talks about his search to discover his own culture.
3 The Importance Of Education And History
Allen talks about the tragedy of First Contact in 1492 and how Aboriginal people gave the world the gift of modern democracy.


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