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A Loss Of Culture

Blue Quills Residential School
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My culture has been totally eradicated from me, by one residential school person in particular, and by going to university it was further eroded. I almost had nothing left. I was very fortunate in that I retained my language, even in the rough way that I retained it.

I’ve been able to relearn it to the point where, maybe, by the time I draw my last breath, I will be fluent in it. But, I have now returned to my spirituality, my traditional spirituality: I fast, I sweat, talk to my Creator in my language. My children have all profited from my heart, experiences, and my return to my traditionalism.

Why I want to repeat that I think God loves me so much, because he made me brown, he made me one of his chosen peoples. If they could only realize just how wonderful their cultures are.


Allen's Stories:

The following stories are by Allen Jacob.

1 A Message For Youth
Allen talks about our stories and how it is important to tell our own version of history as Aboriginal people.
2 A Loss Of Culture
Allen talks about his search to discover his own culture.
3 The Importance Of Education And History
Allen talks about the tragedy of First Contact in 1492 and how Aboriginal people gave the world the gift of modern democracy.




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