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Tansi! Welcome to the Aboriginal Youth Network!

Just a little background info on what the AYN is all about, how it came to be, and where we're going in the future...

What is the purpose of the AYN?

The AYN was brought about due to the social and health issues that Aboriginal youth face due to the break down of Aboriginal Culture in Canada. With this website, we are attempting to unite youth and bring cultural identity to youth across the country.

Our goal is to provide a place where youth can find information that they may find useful in their everyday lives. Our main focus is on news, events, and getting youth to communicate with each other. The reason the AYN was implemented was to get youth over the disadvantages they faced as Aboriginal people. We do this thru tying social issues together with culture.

The specific areas we focus on are current events, expression of ideas, involvement in the community, remedying disadvantages that aboriginal peoples face, and providing communications tools among aboriginal youth.

What is the AYN?

The Aboriginal Youth Network is a website designed by and for Aboriginal youth in the efforts to create and maintain a unique online youth community nationwide. Here at the AYN, we are interested in serving our Aboriginal youth community across Canada. As more and more of our youth get online, the AYN is working to ensure there is a place in cyberspace where we can connect, make friends, access information, exchange ideas, ideals, values, beliefs and above all, our cultures and traditions.

We strive to provide a virtual community where you come and hang out, meet new friends, get the goods you need on health, education, employment opportunities, as well as the latest news and events across Indian Country!

The Aboriginal Youth Network moved from it's home base in Ottawa, to Edmonton in the fall of 1998. Housed at the Nechi Training, Research & Health Promotions Institute, the AYN came back online on April 7, 1999, at the "Balancing Choices: Opportunities in Science and Technology" Conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Since its move, the AYN website has had the same look and structure to it. But now because our information is busting at the seams we are fundraising to do a site re-design. We are working hard to bring you current and up to date information, so that the AYN can not just grow to what it once was, but continue growing as a necessary resource in our youth community across Canada.

In order to do this though, we need your help! The AYN offers many services for our youth community, such as free email accounts, web boards, the Circle mailing list, education and employment opportunities, current events and our special web modules: AYN Solvent Abuse Module, & "A Tribe Called Quit": A cultural-based interactive module dealing with Tobacco Reduction and Resiliency! The AYN also offers web development for your projects and services, as well as free hosting space on our server for your websites!

You can contribute to the AYN Virtual Community by letting us know what's going on in your community. We'll post it! Let us know your opinions, ideas, stories, poems and events. We'll post them! If you would like to contribute to the Aboriginal Youth Network, or have any questions regarding activities at the AYN, please feel free to write to visit our website - - Meegwetch!